As a young woman, I moved from my hometown in rural Oregon to New York City on a dare and ended up with a successful, thriving life and career. I met + married my dream man, rocked it at work, and felt like I was living the dream.

After a move to San Francisco, I left the corporate world to take care of my precious babies, but in what felt like no time at all, my babies were no longer babies. As they started to grow up and leave the nest, I realized I was staring into my own unknown future. In hopes of finding some clarity in my life, I signed up for a class called “What’s Next 101,” offered by coaches Laura Riordan and Linda Lesem. On the way to class one morning, I was filled with self-doubt, and was frankly, flailing. I hadn’t done my homework, which was to bring a current work challenge to the group for feedback. I felt like such an impostor - I hadn’t worked in the “real world” in nearly 18 years. I was a stay-at-home mom who volunteered regularly, but had nothing to share, or so I thought. Mascara running down my face and scolding myself in the rearview mirror, I wondered out loud “What happened to the girl who moved to New York City on a dare?” Just then I noticed flashing lights ahead and a large orange traffic sign that read: DETOUR AHEAD. Now I was going to be late to class, with no time to freshen up - panic hit me like a wave. But, as I followed the detour signs and turned down the side street towards class, it all came rushing to me in that crazy hot messy state: I was going to Dare to Detour, and take other like-minded women with me.

By forcing you to step off your daily path, slow down, pause, consider, reframe and redirect, detours demand that you open yourself to possibility and to trust in a new direction, often revealing new and beautiful scenery along the way.

The class loved it and Laura Riordan and Linda Lesem are a core part of the curriculum at the Detour Experiences!

So there it is: I double dare you to join me for a detour.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you.



for the individual,
we believe

  • Being connected with yourself is vital to understanding what you need & want.

  • Understanding your own needs and wants is the first step to feeling free and finding your purpose.

  • Risk-taking, being in nature and deviating from your normal, daily experience will provide a new perspective.

  • Perspective enhances your ability to shift what is not working for you.

  • In order to find purpose, you need to dig in & look from all angles at all aspects of your life, including
    self-image, mindfulness, health, creative practice, career, relationships, family, money & more.

  • Creativity & an ongoing creative practice can provide peace & purpose.

  • Rituals & practices support internal sense of self.

  • Daily detours will re-enforce the shift in mindset & keep you accountable to your goal of having perspective & living with intention on an ongoing basis.

  • Laughing, dancing & being goofy are vital to filling your life with joyful spirit.

  • Every woman is beautiful in her own way & this is something that we continually redefine throughout our lives.


for the collective,


  • Kindness is a key tactic to help people have a transformational experience.

  • A community that supports but also challenges you in a heart-centered way will help you move forward &

    stay accountable to your own goals.

  • A warm, lighthearted approach to transformation can be more accessible & easier for some.

  • Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and requires ongoing support & accountability.

  • Random acts of kindness are Daring Deeds.

  • There is immense value to people of all ages to being in a multi-generational environment.