As a young woman, I moved from my hometown in rural Oregon to New York City on a dare and ended up with a successful, thriving life and career. I met + married my dream man, rocked it at work, and felt like I was living the dream.

After a move to San Francisco, I left the corporate world to take care of my precious babies, but in what felt like no time at all, my babies were no longer babies.  As they started to grow up and leave the nest, I realized I was staring into my own unknown future. I missed the bold Sheryl from New York! I felt out of touch with the person I once was, living on a dare in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Even though everything on paper was wonderful in my life - fabulous family, amazing community, and beautiful home - this time of transition was truly unsettling.

In hopes of finding what was next for me, I ended up on a women’s hunting retreat in Texas, and instantly felt the spark of connection with my younger self, the one who was courageous enough to move to NYC on a dare. And it was thrilling to reconnect with that bold part of myself again. 

I realized that I had far more grit and gumption inside me than I remembered. I felt a bold awakening from the experiences I had on that trip, but when I got home, my family didn’t quite know what to do with that transformation in me. I felt triumphant at my newfound courage, but was challenged in how to share that with my family and friends.

I knew I wanted to create something equally wonderful and transformative for women, but with a kind of support to help women navigate the entire experience, not just the “trip” -- starting before the trip begins, and offering continued support upon the return home. This retreat, my friends, is just that. We’ll be rallying around you before, during, and after the Dare to Detour weekend, because we know firsthand how important it is to hold onto the authenticity we discover within ourselves.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you. 























° Being connected with yourself is vital to understanding what you need and want.

° Understanding your own needs and wants is the first step to feeling free and finding your purpose.

° Risk-taking, being in nature and deviating from your normal, daily experience will provide a new perspective.

° Perspective enhances your ability to shift what is not working for you.

° In order to find purpose, you need to dig in and look from all angles at all aspects of your life, including

self-image, mindfulness, health, creative practice, career, relationships, family, money and more.

° Creativity and an ongoing creative practice can provide peace and purpose.

° Rituals and practices support internal sense of self.

° Daily detours will re-enforce the shift in mindset and keep you accountable to your goal of having perspective

and living with intention on an ongoing basis.

° Laughing, dancing and being goofy are vital to filling your life with joyful spirit.

° Every woman is beautiful in her own way and this is something that we continually redefine throughout our lives.


° Kindness is a key tactic to help people have a transformational experience.

° A community that supports but also challenges you in a heart-centered way will help you move forward and

stay accountable to your own goals.

° A warm, lighthearted approach to transformation can be more accessible and easier for some.

° Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and requires ongoing support and accountability.

° Random acts of kindness are Daring Deeds.

° There is immense value to people of all ages to being in a multi-generational environment.


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