Dare to take a detour from daily life and take a chance in wild, raw nature. You just might find more than you were looking for.

"Go out in the woods, go out.  If you don't go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin."   
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

A Transformative 4-day Retreat

The mountains of Montana are where time slows and the wilderness thrives, and each season brings the cycles of stunning change. Our retreat experience takes place in the beginning of Autumn, a time when the trees shed the leaves they no longer need in preparation for deep hibernation and the work of winter. They slow down and focus their energy on deepening their roots before bursting with blooms in spring.


Perhaps you need a similar experience of shedding what no longer serves you, and a time of deepening your roots to let what's next spring forth.


Here, the horses are wild, the bison roam free —  the perfect backdrop for re-discovering what’s next for you. The Montana sky is big enough to hold all your dreams and questions, giving you the perfect opportunity to let them out and see what develops. 

For this four-day rustic weekend we’re daring you to take a detour from the endless cycle of the everyday, discover something new, and reconnect to a part of you that you have set aside.

This weekend retreat is only the first stop on our road trip of possibility and adventure. There are more destinations to explore in this creative adventure of life, both together and individually, and we can’t wait to explore them with you! 


• You’ve found yourself at a crossroads and need some courage and insight to take
   the leap

• You don’t feel satisfied, even though from the outside it seems like you have it all

• You are fired up to reset, explore, and renew yourself amongst like-minded women

• You feel like you’ve set aside or lost a part of yourself long ago, and are eager to  
with it again

• You want to be a part of a movement of women who are exploring and reclaiming a
   bolder, more connected life

• You’re the woman who’s always taken the dare and wants to again, but this time with
   like-minded women standing alongside you

• You know that the journey is more important than the destination, and you’re looking
   for inspiration to explore possibilities  



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September 18th - 22, 2019


Here's what last year's guest are saying:


Photography by @courtneyjgreen