From the moment the wrangler picks you up at the airport in his ranch truck, you’ll know you’re in for a new experience (or rather, lots of them!). After the short drive from the airport, you’ll arrive at the stunning Nine Quarter Circle Ranch where you can get settled into your log cabin and begin to let the wild and expansive Montana wilderness bring both stillness and fire to your soul.

Your time at the ranch will be in the company of inspiring and intelligent women, each seeking her own transformation and truth. You’ll be together collecting new life experiences amongst the crisp mountain air and around the campfire. 

We’ve got you every step of the way

Before you arrive:

We can’t wait to meet you!

  • We’ll set up a short intake interview two weeks prior to your arrival to orient you to the detour you are about to take.

  • We’ll help you begin your journey from the inside out with a few self-reflection exercises to get you prepped.

While you're at the retreat:

  • You’ll learn about tried and true mindfulness practices such as meditation and journaling which will be paramount in integrating the experience when you arrive back home.

  • You’ll grow and be inspired in group workshops where you can choose to share what’s in your heart.

  • You’ll be prompted by open-ended questions to ease you into a creative state of mind.

  • You’ll have your own workbook with thoughtful exercises, tools and resources hand-picked to support your retreat.

  • We’ll teach you how to share transformative events with your family members so that they may support your transition home.

  • We’ll guide you through a plan for unpacking your adventure once you get home

When you get home:

  • You’ll bring your “a-ha moments” home using tangible steps to accelerate growth

  • Together we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up phone conversation to check in and create action items

  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook community to stay connected and accountable


Daily Sessions 

Daily sessions are led by our transitional coaches and expert guides, Linda Lesem and Laura Riordan. Linda and Laura support women to understand who they are and what makes them tick so that they can bring a fuller expression of themselves into the world.

During these sessions, you will be guided through self reflection, and given self-care practices and tools to help deepen your experience and successfully bring it back to your daily life. We will enable you to harness some of the expansive nature of your journey to complete the circle of your adventure.  


Creatively working with our hands gives us space and freedom to let our minds wander into something meditative and serene. By allowing some time for creative practice, you will be giving your mind time to unlock a larger potential, and give you the permission to expand.  Our expert artisans will give you all the tools and skills you need to create something lovely while you let the content of the daily sessions settle into your heart and mind. 



Free Time

During your daily free time you can choose to hike, socialize, journal or spend it staring out at the stunning scenery. This is time just for you.

Photography by @courtneyjgreen