Retreats 2019


5-day detour - MONTANa 2019

DATE: September 18-22 2019
LOCATION: Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Montana
Untapped Potential

We’re daring you to take a detour from the endless cycle of the everyday, discover something new, and find ways to access your unique untapped potential. The possibilities are endless.


DATE: March 24 2019
LOCATION: FireLight Farm, Bozeman
Abundance vs. Scarcity

What do you need to stop, start & continue doing to live more abundantly? Join us for this 1-day retreat for a series of workshops and activities to explore this.

Past Retreats

DAYLONG DETOUR - Bozeman, March 2019

Abundance vs Scarcity: what to Stop, Start & Continue to live more abundantly

Coaches & Crew:


Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Montana - Fall 2018

Authenticity | Risk | Intention | Presence | Resilience

Coaches & Crew:


Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Montana - Fall 2017

Exploration | Self-Awareness | Connection

Coaches & Crew:

  • Laura Riordan: Coaching Healthy Transitions - Ph.D. in Psychology and 20 years in the mind & body wellness industry

  • Linda Lesem: Life & Career Coaching specializing in Positive Psychology—The Science of Happiness

  • Nicole Giannini: Redefining Beauty Workshop

  • Cassidy Wendell: A wellness writer, online educator, and community builder for people all over the world.

  • Kelli Ronci: Cultivating a Creative Practice - Macrame Workshop

  • Lily Anderson: Cultivating a Creative Practice - Leather Workshop

  • Courtney Green: Photography