DAYLONG DETOUR - Bozeman, March 24, 2019



Coaches & Crew

I’ve asked some of the incredibly smart and grounded women that teach workshops at our 5-day annual retreats to create workshops in each of their areas of expertise around the concept of Abundance vs Scarcity: what to Stop, Start & Continue to live more abundantly. Our crew is a combination of local Bozeman rockstars and brilliant women flying in from the California Bay Area to bring us the tool sets to keep ourselves on track with our goals and commitments to ourselves and ultimately live our most abundant lives! 

Explore the Location

The venue I’ve chosen is a breathtaking 100-year-old rustic barn on Firelight Farm just outside of Bozeman. 


Stop, Start & Continue: Cassidy Wendell
How can you keep yourself on track when you set a goal? How can you move towards the abundant life that you know you deserve? Wellness writer, online educator, and community builder Cass Wendell is going to share her daily, weekly, monthly and yearly review process of Stop, Start and Continue to build abundance and joy in every aspect of our lives - career, relationships, health, and more. 

Inside Out: Linda Lesem
What are you best at and where should you Stop, Start and Continue directing your energy for optimum living and happiness. Drawing on her training and experience as a career counselor, trained therapist and certified life coach, Linda Lesem will use a variety of methods to help us understand our strengths and brainstorm how to apply these in everyday life.

Redefine Beauty: Nicole Giannini
What makes you feel beautiful? And what doesn’t? Salon owner and natural beauty expert Nicole Giannini will help us identify what to Stop, Start and Continue doing in our beautifying routines to redefine our look and practices based on what makes us feel the most beautiful. 

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Laura Riordan
Once you’ve absorbed all of this knowledge about yourself and strategies to move your life in the a direction that makes you more content, how can you make sure to apply these learnings to your everyday life? Psychologist and Transitions Coach, Laura Riordan, Ph.D will provide us with concrete strategies to integrate the learnings from all of the day’s workshops into our home routine with an emphasis on what to Stop, Start and Continue doing to help our learnings stick. 

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: Lauren Burgess
Ready to explore what’s holding you back from greater peace, fulfillment, and the spark of courage to go after those big, crazy dreams? It is really our circumstances, or does it have more to do with our beliefs about those circumstances? Join Lauren Burgess as she leads us through her firsthand experiences of the “rut” of comfort zones, the mental shifts that set her free to start her own small business and pursue big adventures in the mountains, and how we can apply those principles to our own lives. In this workshop, we’ll practice moving with intention from a stuck, scarcity mindset, towards living abundantly. And we’ll discover steps we can take today to open our hearts—and our lives—to the world of possibility, waiting for us to try + to succeed.

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Your registration covers everything but travel. All you need to do is get yourself to Firelight Farm, and we’ll handle everything from there. Here’s what’s included:

  • Three Meals

  • Five Workshops

  • Hands on creative practice workshop

  • Wine Tasting

  • Mindful Inspiration

  • Great swag + special surprises

  • Professional photography


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