Coaches & Crew

We’re so proud to bring you a beautiful collaboration from a passionate and talented crew! Each of these women has forged her own path and experienced her own transformation, and we’re delighted to have them be part of our experience. They will be supporting you in a holistic approach to self-care.

Explore the Location

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch is the real-life version of a classic western movie. It was founded over 100 years ago, and not much has changed from when the cattle drives first began and the West was truly wild. 


Detour Discovery: Inspiring a Deeper Sense of Self with Linda Lesem & Laura Riordan
3-day workshop that will guide you through self-discovery and help you identify what makes you truly happy, as well as provide you with a toolset to activate that part of your life more fully upon your return home.

Detour Discovery: Redefining Beauty with Nicole Gianni
3-day workshop that explores our relationship to beauty. You’ll develop strategies to change negative perspectives and beauty rituals to reinforce feeling beautiful and sexy in your own skin, every day!

Detour Discovery: Cultivating a Creative Practice
3-day workshop "Journaling to Rewrite Your Story" with Monica Willis - Develop journaling exercises to help reframe how you see yourself and break free of any identity narratives that you may be stuck in.

Detour Discovery: Practicing Mindful Movement with Kate Murphy
Learn about foundation training, a movement and muscular development system that focuses on reducing back and joint pain caused by modern life.

Ranch Activities








Campfire Conversations

A series of surprise speakers and performers to make our campfire evenings epic.

Past Guests:
Lorca Smetana: Building Resilience
Lauren Burgess: Taking Risks
Marcedes Carroll: Persuing Dreams


Your registration covers everything but airfare. All you need to do is get yourself to the airport, and we’ll handle everything from there. Here’s what’s included:

  • 1-on-1 phone calls from your host

  • Transportation to/from Yellowstone Airport

  • All Your Meals

  • Accommodations

  • Single + Double rates available

  • Great swag + special surprises

  • Creative practice sessions including Shibori & journal writing

  • Lead Campfire Discussion

  • Horseback riding, fishing, hiking and more

  • Workshop sessions to deepen your experience

  • Nightly happy hours

  • Professional photography

  • A well-crafted recommended reading list

  • Guidelines on how to return home successfully

  • Post-retreat follow up & community support

  • Post-retreat consultation to check in and identify roadblocks


Early Bird Special through March15 (Savings of $550)


Double Occupancy-Bring a friend! (Savings of $520)


Refunds up to 30 days before event