Savoring The Last Weeks Of Summer

Those delicious heirloom tomatoes don’t last forever, my Daring Darlings! Whether or not you’re in denial about it (I certainly am), Summer 2019 is officially coming to a close. And while there are only so many of these wonderfully lazy summer days left, it's important to make the most of them and prepare for the coming seasonal change ahead. Families go back to school, the weather will get a tad more chilly, and the season of Fall brings on a more contemplative, internal time of year. Don’t get me wrong - I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye to summer, but I find that savoring each day and squeezing in as many summer-y activities as I can helps alleviate my end-of-season blues. 

My team and I are excited to share our favorite ways to enjoy summer to its fullest:


Embrace the outdoors.

Get off your phone, and head out the door! No matter how hard it is to pull myself away from whatever is hijacking my attention inside, I never regret getting myself up and outside in Mother Nature. Take the dog for a long evening walk (hello, Daylight Savings!) hit your favorite trail or bike to the Farmer’s Market this weekend. Netflix will still be there in December, I promise. 

Take a nap. 

Put a towel on the front lawn, break out the hammock or just sprawl out in front of the fan on your bed! A lazy afternoon nap just feels like the epitome of summer to me; what’s the point of summer if you can’t bend the rules a bit and have a spontaneous afternoon siesta? You’ll feel relaxed, recharged and ready to take full advantage of those warm summer evenings! 

Finish that book.

I always set myself an ambitious summer reading goal. Do I consistently finish everything on my list? I’ll never tell. But I do know that if August allows room for anything, it’s wrapping up that book you never finished as the perfect farewell to summer. Pick up that book and end your summer with a great read and a sense of completion. (If you’re an overachiever, I dare you to start and finish a new book this month :) 


Plan something special for September.

I mentioned earlier that Fall always feels like an ideal time for self-reflection. It opens up the opportunity for internal work. Summer has me feeling and experiencing the world OUTSIDE myself (so much to see and do and savor during the warmer months!) Our retreat theme this year is Untapped Potential, where we will dare you to take a much needed break from the endless cycle of the everyday, discover something new, and find ways to access your unique, untapped and unfulfilled capacities. The possibilities are endless, and what better way to welcome in a new season? Info is available here.

I hope you and yours bid this glorious summer a fond farewell with some of the items listed above, and that you’ll consider joining us come September at our 5-Day Detour at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Montana.