Self-Care During Summer Holidays

I am willing to bet you’ve learned, or at least read about a thousand different ways to take care of yourself over the years. You’ve likely got a meditation routine, an exercise regimen, and perhaps even a morning matcha ritual you try to stick to as a form of self-care, mental sanity and general wellness, right? The thing is, we’re told time and time again that self-care is not selfish. That it is, in fact, a crucial way to keep your body, mind and soul in tip-top condition so you can keep rockin’ it on the daily! 

While summertime would seem to be an ideal time to nail down these routines, take ‘er easy and sink into self-care, things like road trips, camping weekends, family reunions and all the other exciting routine breaking that happens this time of year can interrupt our self-care. Here are some ways to keep self-care rituals a part of your day while experiencing new and exciting things this summer.

  1. EXPLORE/EXERCISE. Two birds, one stone! When in a new area, a hike, jog or bike ride can be a good old basic to return to. Get in a good calorie burn, explore a new area, and pump up those endorphins so you can keep your mind peaceful and eat whatever the delicious local dessert is every night! 

  2. SPOIL YOURSELF. I try to remember to pack at least one really luxe facial product with me when I travel and take some sweet time playing spa every day. My go-to is GLO luxury oils, a delicious indulgent and surprisingly affordable brand of organic, sustainable and high-quality products for face and body plus I adore the owner. 

  3. GRAB A DRINK. Be it a quiet morning coffee before the kids get up, or an early evening cocktail while they’re washing off the beach sand - grab a beverage and sit by yourself. It’s a quick way to reset, listen to your thoughts and recover from all that group decision making! 

  4. TAKE A “NAP”. Forget “power napping” in the name of increasing productivity! Give yourself a good long hour over the course of a lazy afternoon and just... chill.... out. You don't have to even “nap” - just tune out, read a book or turn up the music in your headphones and give yourself some quiet time to relax. Can we make #hammockandchill the go-to hashtag for summer 2019, please?

  5. PLAN A DIGITAL DETOX. You're on vacation! You're traveling to exotic, faraway lands... or maybe just to the in-laws’ upstate for the billionth time. Regardless of where you are, it’s an ideal time to put your phone away and take in your surroundings in person! Chances are, you probably have to be plugged in for most of your normal everyday life, so enjoy not having to be while you can!

Wherever you’re going, whoever you’re with - just remember to take care of yourself, my darlings! It’s summertime, afterall, and the livin’ should be easy...