Empty Nest? Spread Your Wings Free Bird!


Well, loves, it is graduation season. A truly thrilling, joyful and exciting time as we anticipate all of the changes afoot for young people about to launch into the world and embrace the unknown! But for us parents out there, this can also be a really painful period of adjustment as our kids spread their wings.

Just a few years ago, I found myself in the uncomfortable role of a brand-spanking new empty nester.  And boy, it wasn’t pretty... (but then again, when is it ever?) I was filled with self-doubt, and was quite frankly, flailing. Up until that moment when my two kids flew the coop, I’d been a stay-at-home mom for almost 18 years. I hadn’t been out in the “real world” for what seemed like a lifetime, and I had no idea what my next move should be. I was in desperate need of “more” but had no clue what that was going to look like and how to make it happen. The feeling was paralyzing.

If any of you are currently going through this particular brand of life-change, experiencing similar feelings of paralysis or battling self-doubt in the wake of these adjustments, I want to offer you a few words of advice. This is by no means a comprehensive list, or a handful of quick fixes to slap on a bandaid for what you are feeling. But it IS a thoughtful collection of things I know helped me find my footing in unfamiliar terrain.

Here are some ways to beat the empty-nest blues, and shift your focus as you grow into your new role as a parent, person and the beautiful being you already are:

  • Take the time to do Self-Care. NOW IS THE TIME to spoil yourself. Make that mani-pedi a regular thing. Buy yourself flowers. Run the bath. Get in touch with the things that make YOU feel good and do more of them.

  • Develop a Creative Practice. I cannot overemphasize the value of finding a creative outlet during this period of time. Whether it is writing, knitting, jewelry making or anything in between, find something to pour your energy into. As your role as a mother shifts and changes, you will feel the need to feel useful - I get it - so get those hands busy and create something magical!

  • Practice Radical Self-Love. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself through this adjustment. Remember, your heart may feel tender right now, but it is also tough as hell. You are going through a period of growth.

  • DETOUR! Shake it up, baby! Find yourself off the beaten path at our 2019 5-Day Detour Retreat. Now is the perfect time to gift yourself with an experience of transformation with other women in a supportive and beautiful environment. Join us in the Montana wilderness to refocus, reframe and realize your unlimited potential right now!

I hope this helps a little with this beautiful but difficult time. Don’t forget that while your nest may be empty you are now a FREE BIRD! Remember, my darlings - be patient with yourself. Be gentle with your heart. And be bold in your pursuit of what comes next, because it holds infinite potential.