Daring Darling Profile: Cristol Barrett O’Loughlin

I want to introduce you all to my friend, Cristol Barrett O’Loughlin for something a little different this week! Cristol is one of last year’s amazing Dare to Detour attendees, and I feel so privileged to share her story here today. 

As the founder and CEO of ANGEL AID, Cristol is working tirelessly to offer antidotes to the adversity and challenges faced by families affected by rare diseases.

Rare diseases impact more people on the planet than AIDS and cancer combined - 350 million people, half of whom are children. [Source: Global Genes]

Drawing from personal tragedy after losing three brothers to a rare genetic disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) and as a carrier of MPS II (also known as Hunters Syndrome), Cristol committed herself to raise funds for the National MPS Society (www.mpssociety.org) as a young adult in the hopes of finding a cure. Today, Cristol is more dedicated than ever to easing the suffering of others, particularly mothers, through her work. She just gave a talk at #TEDxLuxembourgCity earlier this month, sharing all about her journey towards founding this non-profit and the importance of loving ourselves as we care for others.

Back at our 2018 Dare Retreat in Montana, Cristol was able to solidify her vision for ANGEL AID, and charted a course to pivot from the corporate world to the non-profit with a specific purpose in mind: to source research, relief and inspiration for mothers of children diagnosed with rare genetic diseases. ANGEL AID uplifts these families by supporting the mothers who are most often faced with the difficult financial, social, emotional, and physical realities of caring for a child with rare disease.  Cristol offers:

“Many of the self-care routines and rituals we share with our #RareMothers were inspired by my transformative experience at Dare to Detour.”

This year's Dare retreat is all about accessing your untapped potential. We offer you tools like strength identification, life coaching, mindful inspiration, and creative workshops to help unlock what might be hidden away. And the best part is you’ll get to meet an amazing group of  women who’ll be right alongside you to offer support (and the little extra push when you need it!) the whole weekend. We’re all here to help each other realize the next step on the path - just like Cristol did.

Cristol is a true Daring Darling, with her resilience, spirit and commitment to her cause. We were all so inspired by her at last year’s 2018 retreat, and girl, does it give me joy to see her shine now. She even rocks her Dare to Detour Dare trucker hat wherever she goes - a woman after my own heart indeed!

cristol ted talk.png

P.S. Please make sure you check out ANGEL AID for yourself, and I encourage you to contact Cristol directly if you feel pulled to work with her amazing organization: