Leading by Example with Self Care

"Leadership is taking care of yourself and empowering others to do the same." - Abby Wambach

I read Abby Wambach's book Wolfpack last weekend - twice - I couldn’t get enough. One of her eight New Rules I can't get out of my head is this:  Lead now - from wherever you are.

When I became a mom I realized that whether I liked it or not, I had just been cast in the greatest leadership role of my life. I would be leading by example and it was up to me to choose what type of example that was because my kids would be watching and modeling my behavior. Yikes! The weight of this responsibility was not lost on me.  Fortunately I had support and guidance from my mom and my sister, who taught me how to lead from where I was, even in my weakest moments as a mother.

Being a mom challenges every part of you - from testing how calm you can be when making ginormous decisions to how much sleep you actually need to keep your car on the road, and your kids safe in their car seats?! This means that the moment we become mandatory leaders is the same moment it is the hardest to model good behavior. Believe me, there have been days where I’ve hid in my closet, desperate for 30 minutes of “me” time, breathing through moments of panic, grasping for the strength to keep it all together.

One area in particular is very difficult for me, I think for most women - SELF CARE. We want our kids, friends and families to give themselves the necessary self-care to cultivate resilience, right? So doesn't that start with us? As I’ve moved through my life I’ve come to realize that it does. Tossing it back to Abby Wambach, who sums it up like this: It’s every women who is allowing her own voice to guide her life and the lives of those she cares about.  It’s creating boundaries that prove to the world that you value yourself. Leadership is taking care of yourself and empowering others to do the same.

This Mother's Day, lead from where you are by giving yourself, or asking your close ones for the self care you not only deserve but need. A good place to start is with an epic retreat at a big sky ranch in Montana...

Happy Mother's Day to all you badass leaders out there!