Sticking to Good Habits

Whether you did some adventuring this summer or joined us on our 5 Day Dare Retreat in the Montana wilderness, summer and early fall are the time when we typically escape our daily routines, gain some perspective on our lives and develop new habits. October is revving up the familiar day to day cycles that we are all accustomed to and that is where we can let our newly gained summer perspective and good habits fall to the wayside. So we wanted to share some strategies from one of our coaches Laura Riordan, Ph.D. to permanently integrate your new perspective and habits into your everyday experience.

  1. Reflect - Carve out some time to think back on your experiences.  What did you learn about yourself or remember about yourself?

  2. Ground - Take the experience home with you by grounding it in your body! One way is to ground the experience in your belly center; your center of power and intuition. In Japanese martial arts this is the reservoir of vital energy as well as the center of gravity called the Hara. You can visualize the change you wish to make or the insight you gained living in this center of the body located in your abdomen just below your belly button.

  3. Practice - Choose a mindful, physical or creative practice that you enjoyed during your less busy months or while in a new environment and practice at least once a week at home. It is also fun to introduce your friends and family to these new activities!

  4. Share - Talk about your experience with someone who will be present for you. This will help you to relive and enliven the details and integrate the meaningful moments.

  5. Journal - Strengthen the clarity you gained through writing. These insights begin deep inside of you and feel that they have been around (however uncovered) for a long time. Take some time to amplify their meaning through meditation and journaling.

  6. Act - Take one action even if it is scary!  One tiny action will move you forward and into exploration. 

  7. Be Curious - Adopt a curious mindset and continue to find small adventures and new wonders in your everyday environment. You may be surprised at what you find!