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Transformative EXPERIENCES

We hold events that provide women with tools and support to cultivate strength, resilience, community and creativity. We dare you to join us for one of our detours this year!

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Dare to Detour was featured in a MindBodyGreen article as a recommended retreat! Read the whole story.


Do you feel stuck? Misplaced? Do you feel like you have untapped potential that you can’t access? Sheryl Ott felt that way. She discovered that stepping off her daily path, immersing herself in nature and allowing herself to pause enabled her to REFOCUS, REFRAME AND RESET - to access her own unique potential. Now Sheryl creates experiences to help other women do the same. Give us a call to find out if one of our retreats are for you.

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Fall Intentions

Whether you’ve got little ones in your life or grown-up kiddos pursuing Masters Degrees - school is kicking into gear. There is always a tangible shift around this time of year, as the slower pace of summer starts giving way to a bounty of fall activities and obligations. I found myself thinking this week that Autumn often feels more like a new start than the traditional January relaunch...